Profilber supplies non-pollutant products.

We sell quality fibre profiles for any project, made with the best quality materials on the market.


Fibreglass profiles

Fibreglass rods

Carbon fibre profiles

Special profiles


Profilber makes the difference by using:


Enables cost savings and the manufacturing of more sustainable materials.


Substance composed of pure carbon, 200 times more resistant than steel.

Sustainable compounds

They offer high mechanical, low-density and excellent corrosion-resistant properties, not to mention engineering design versatility.

We work with materials that meet the quality standards for each sector and are committed to environment-friendly processes that also result in savings for our clients.

Why FRP?

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a compound material with numerous benefits that serves as an alternative to steel and aluminium.



Light, wear and corrosion resistant.

Good thermal, electrical and noise insulation.


Recyclable to produce other materials.

Less costly owing to the ease with which it can be fitted.

The foregoing properties explain why FRP is used in the naval, railway and car industry, not to mention environmental, farming and livestock facilities, etc.

Structural profiles

The best replacement for steel and aluminium profiles.


Structural profiles

Corrosion resistant

Maintenance free

High mechanical resistance

Directional stability

Light and easy fitting

Not thermally or electrically conductive

Fire retardant

Long lasting

Many companies have replaced their steel or iron girders for those made of fibreglass reinforced plastic.

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