Street furniture and installations

Save on maintenance, improve quality and image and respect the environment.
Our specialists will advise you on the recommended dimensions.

We supply flatbars, rods, profiles, trays, corner sections, etc., made of fibreglass reinforced polyester.

Our products are used in:

Town council street furniture: Posts and Lampposts, Benches, Railings, and Pedestrian footbridges.

Making children’s playgrounds: swings, slide steps.

Sport facilities: Stadium seats, football goal posts, benches, etc.

Leisure parks and theme parks, both in park furniture and in rides.

Facilities that security enclosures, fencing and doors.

Railings and city bridges.


Shock resistant.

Corrosion resistant.

Resistant to chemical agents.

EMI/RFI shielding.

Light and maintenance free.

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