We bring sustainable solutions to the world.

We create new shapes and materials for industry.

Fibre reinforced composites to innovate and save in your industrial sector.


We provide solutions and advice to different industrial sectors to enhance their productivity and make cost savings.

Commitment and quality

Our products are endorsed by the over 30 years’ experience of our manufacturers in the pultruded profile sector.


Profilber makes the difference by using:


Enables cost savings and the manufacturing of more sustainable materials.


Substance composed of pure carbon, 200 times more resistant than steel.

Sustainable compounds

They offer high mechanical, low-density and excellent corrosion-resistant properties, not to mention engineering design versatility.

We work with materials that meet the quality standards for each sector and are committed to environment-friendly processes that also result in savings for our clients.

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Profilber advises clients on how to optimise every project.

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