Professional Tile Leveler System

100% efficient installation that saves time and money in the Construction Sector.

The Profilber Leveling System is designed to achieve the perfect leveling of tiles on any surface, avoiding movements during setting.

With our system, a reduction in porcelain stoneware installation times is accomplished, achieving a perfect leveling and without unevenness.

Professional Tile Leveler System Components

The Profilber crossheads have a larger surface to grip the ceramic at the bottom for greater stability when placing the tiles.

Upper oval shape allows for easy insertion and removal of the crosshead.

Calzo nivelación azul

Ceramic crosshead (1/51")


Calzo nivelación blanco

Ceramic crosshead (1/32")


Calzo nivelación negro

Ceramic crosshead (1/16")


Calzo nivelación verde

Ceramic crosshead (1/8")


Cuña de nivelación

Reusable wedges

How to use the Professional Tile Leveler System

Sistemas de nivelación

Easy and reusable system

1- Placing is simple and quick due to the shape of the crosshead. Leveling is accomplished with the insertion of wedges into each crosshead, whether it is inserted manually or with the use of professional pliers.

2- Tiling with cross-pieces and spacers is recommended.

3- Hit the tiles gently to release excess tension and wait until the glue is set before removing the system.

4- Use a hammer or remove the system manually.

5- Wedges are very resistant and can be reused for future installations.


Greater stability and grip surface

Quick insertion and removal

Reusable wedges with greater resistance

Time saving

Cost savings in the process

Crosshead Measurements for the Professional Tile Leveler System

Which crosshead do you need? According to the thickness of the ceramic

The crosshead you need will depend on the thickness of the ceramic you want to use.
We have crossheads for different thicknesses (1/51", 1/32", 1/16" and 1/8") with this we cover the different thicknesses that exist in the market.

How many pieces do you need?

The table shows you how to calculate the number of crossheads needed.
You only have to take into account the measurements of the ceramic (A and B) chosen and the result is the necessary pieces per sq.ft.
Multiplying the number of crossheads that results by sq.ft., the total number of crossheads needed according to surface area is obtained.

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