Basalt fibre profiles

Basalt is a low-cost replacement for steel and other materials. In most building, vehicle and aviation cases it represents a much better option, not only because of its lower cost, but also due to the fact it is non-corrosive and weighs nine times less than steel.

Basalt fibre is a relatively new compound in the fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) and composite structural material groups.

Its chemical composition resembles that of fibreglass, but with better resistant properties. Moreover, unlike most fibreglasses it is highly alkaline resistant, as it is to salt and acid attacks, thus making it an excellent candidate for concrete, bridges, coastal structures and even ship hulls and motorbike, vehicle, train and aeroplane panels Ground basalt rock is the only raw material required to make the fibre. Basalt is a natural material that has been proven to be non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.

Square bar

Round rod

Round tube

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