Our products are manufactured to comply with international standard ISO 9001:2008 and the Spanish standard UNE-EN 130706, validated by the company Certificación Bureau Veritas.
Our specialists will advise you on the recommended dimensions.

Rods and corrugated bars

It is extremely important to prevent corrosion in reinforcement processes using carbon steel rods in the construction industry, as it leads to the flaking of the bar coating which in turn causes micro cracking.



Greater yield strength.

Electromagnetically neutral.

No corrosion.

More durable.

Low thermal conductivity.


Large box girder and profiles

Used to form structures for roof trusses, frames and space frames

Our fibreglass girders are used by architects, in the food industry, the manufacturing industry, mining, wastewater treatment plant facilities, the chemical, oil and gas industry, the energy industry, bridge and motorway building, as well as in industrial units, etc., as replacements for those made of iron and steel.

Grates and tramex grating for floors

We supply tramex grates made of fibreglass for places exposed to high-corrosion atmospheres, electrical risk, the chemical industry, refineries, oil rigs, docks, fishing boats, wastewater treatment facilities and fish farms.

Rails, handrails, ladders and gangways

Made of fibreglass reinforced profiles.

Safety standard UNE-EN ISO 14122 compliant.

We provide all the material you need for your facility, regardless of the measures involved.



Maintenance free.


Shock and corrosion resistant.

Resistant to chemical agents and UV rays.

Durable and easy-to-fit.

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