High quality materials to reduce weight and save on fuel.
Our specialists will advise you on the most recommended measures for each case.

Shipbuilding industry

We supply rods and flatbars made of different resins:

- Isophthalic marine resin
- Vinyl ester resin
- Carbon fibre

Our specialists will advise on different dimensions and colours.


Highly durable.



Shock and corrosion resistant.

Resistant to chemical agents and UV rays.


Aviation industry

Carbon fibre flatbars used in the aviation sector and made to sector standards.

U-profiles for windows capable of withstanding different temperatures and extreme conditions, making them the perfect substitute for heavier and less resistant aluminium.


Lighter structure.

More aerodynamically designed lines.

Reduced check-in times.

Up to 5% fuel saving.

Railway industry.

We provide highly heat, smoke and fire resistant profiles for the railway industry that greatly enhance consistency.

External and internal panels for trains providing maximum space, comfort and safety for passengers.

Car industry.

Profiles used for interior coach parts.
Profiles used on car roofs.

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